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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Begonia Selections 2020 - 1

The Begonias can go on for days and days. Well, I'll try not to do that to you, but I've picked a few of my favorites today. Some of them are the more bizarre ones.

This one is 'Persian Brocade.' Not necessarily bizarre, but I like how rich it looks.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Persian Brocade

Next up is 'Paso Doble,' which is a fast Spanish military step or a two-step dance. I suspect it refers to how the two colors intertwine like they are doing a dance. Very dramatic.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Paso Doble

While we are on the subject of dancing, this one has the interesting name of 'Breakdance.' I think I can see those pointy leaves just leaping around a stage.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Breakdance

I found this one very interesting because the flower is unusual for a begonia. There was also a very small one of these blooming in a miniature display. It's called Caribbean Prince.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Caribbean Prince

Last one for today has very interesting leaves. Looking down from the top this looks like there is something wrong with the leaves. The variety is 'Cathedral.'

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Cathedral

But when you look at the leaves from the underside, you can easily the source of the name since the light shines through and looks like stained glass windows.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 - Begonia Cathedral

And that's the extent of what I'll show you today.

In other news: the phrase of the day is "telephone meetings." I've had three of them. I really hate conference calls. Oh well, they are safe and we got things done. Back to the trail tomorrow. Stay tuned.

See Begonia Parade 1

1 comment:

Ann said...

I don't think I have ever seen begonias like any of these before..

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