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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foggy Mornings

Today I'm just sharing a couple of pictures from paper-route mornings after the hike.

fog across road

This first one is where the highway drops into the flats to cross the Pere Marquette River. I just like how the road disappears into the fog. This was taken June 30 at 6:17 in the morning.

fog on Pentwater Lake

This is the morning mist rising from Pentwater Lake. Taken June 29 at 6:06 in the morning.


Julia said...

That looks so refreshing. I love fog. :)

betchai said...

i always love looking at sceneries like these, the fogs rising from the lake or from the valleys enveloping the mountains make it always beautiful.

rainfield61 said...

I want to take a long breathe in those fogs..

Marg said...

Those are great foggy pictures. It is fun to see the road disappear.
Have a great week end.

Ann said...

we've had some very foggy mornings recently. As I've been driving along I couldn't help think what a great picture it would make but didn't have time to stop to get one

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- Fog is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems soothing, sometimes menacing.

Betchai- Fog in the mountains or hills is especially pretty

rainfield- long breaths in the fog are tough... it's so wet.

Marg- I like the disappearing road too.

Ann- I've missed SO many morning pictures for not having the camera ready!

RNSANE said...

Of course, living in the San Francisco area, that could be my morning ( and evening ) any day of the week. Fog is our way of life...but that's San Francisco and I actually love it, except for having to drive in it. It's eerie, romantic, mysterious...and it keeps things from getting too hot.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Carmen- we don't get foggy mornings too often.

Sam said...

i really feel eerie when i see foggy roads. it leaves me a sense of the mysterious though. nice shots. you can join our summer promo. you can win $50 just by grabbing our badge: http://blog.ed2group.com/2010/07/sizzling-hot-summer-promo-2010/

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