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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Photo Essay

I promised you another introduction today, but I've postponed it till tomorrow for two reasons. I suspect you'll forgive me. First of all, I got some fun pictures today that just seem like a commentary on a good Sunday. Secondly, I've decided to include a short excerpt from my book of trail adventures, North Country Cache, with each introduction. The segment will include the person being introduced. So I went back and added those to Meet Mathilda, and Meet David. Tomorrow you will meet Bess. Today... enjoy some images

Worship Time
worship service

Two Guitars
black and white electric guitars

Downtown Planter
coleus planter

Ludington's Petunia Parade
petunias edge curb

Trim on Victorian Mansion
painted Victorian Trim

Sleepy Maggie
sleeping dog


RNSANE said...

That was a nice visit in your town. Guitar music at worship seems very nice to me! I've actually never been to a guitar service. Love the paint on the Victorian. San Francisco is full of very colorful ones.

How old is Maggie? She seems like a much loved dog.

betchai said...

the two guitars looks very interesting, love how you pictured them together with the curtains.

Ann said...

But of course you are forgiven. I enjoy anything that you choose to post. Love the picture of the guitars

Walk in the Woods said...

Love the trim. And sleepy Maggie too - gotta love a dozin' dog. :)

Jean said...

Very nice images of your town. What a pretty planter. Maggie looks so dog gone content!

Cedngasngu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Secondary Roads said...

Those images put me in a Sunday kind of mood. Excuse me Maggie. I'm ready to take a nap.

spinninglovelydays said...

Such delightful images! Those pictures tell us that you had a very lovely Sunday. Thank you for sharing. :)

vanilla said...

Beautiful images. The guitars photo is classic. Gotta love the old dog.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- so many churches have switched to all contemporary music that I'm lonesome for a balance with some traditional selections too. I like 'em both. Maggie is 11- getting right up there. She has been a very good dog.

betchai- I just took advantage of a visual moment I noticed. No one arranged them.

Ann- the guitars seems to be the winner.

Hi Rose- There is a long row of Victorian homes here, all with lovely geometric patterns

Jean- Maggie on the couch = content, you bet! She's a couch girl.

Chuck- yup, Sunday afternoons work well for naps.

Ivy- To me also, they seemed to tell a story.

Vanilla- yes, I saw those guitars and thought that was a great accidental pose.

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