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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joan & Ellen's Next Adventure


person standing beside two kayaks

I should be working 24 hours a day on this media program, but Ellen and I had made a "date" for an adventure long before yesterday. Besides, we had to finalize the picnic plans for the big Aug 3 day.


We kayaked across Bass Lake, to Lake Michigan, had a picnic lunch, swam for maybe an hour, and kayaked back. The big lake was warm! Well, ok, there were cold spots, but it was amazing. There was just enough wave action to keep the horizon in and out of sight. Very relaxing! There was a sailboat race on Bass Lake.


I know that this picture is trite, but water lilies always seem so peaceful. It's hard to get tired of them. The next one isn't so ordinary. Do you think I'm a wild enough thing?

funny face with Where the Wild Things Are

And I got some pictures for a little game for tomorrow. It involves birds. Come back and play!

Thank you for the prayers for Betty's family. Sam died last night, so the timing was perfect.


Lin said...

You are a Wild One, Sharky!!

betchai said...

glad to see you having so much fun, love what you are doing Sharkbytes, it is such a good quality life.

VanillaSeven said...

The last picture are so fun! And I didn't mean the drawing :)

RNSANE said...

You are too funny, Shark! It looked beautiful out on the lake...a perfect day for kayaking and a swim, even with wild things out. The sailboat racers must have had fun, too.

Glynis said...

what fun you had, great pics thanks for sharing, Joan.

Jean said...

LOL! I love your humor. Glad you had a fun day. BTW...I love the water-lily photo.

Secondary Roads said...

You are just right wild. Don't change a thing. I like water lily pictures.

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

What a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing with us.

vanilla said...

Some real 'quality' it that day. And yes, you have the pose down perfectly!

Ann said...

I think we should all take a walk on the wild side now and then :) Love the pose.

spinninglovelydays said...

It sounds like a marvelous day and the "wild" picture made me laugh. :)

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope it was a peaceful passing...

Ratty said...

Water lilies are mostly new to me. I'm completely ignorant about very many things in nature still, even though I've learned so much. So your picture is new and fresh to me. But I still like that last one the most.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- just wild enough (i hope!)

betchai- I think you and I define quality in similar ways

Vanilla- thanks! if you want to have fun, you have to be a little silly.

Carmen- It was really a beautiful day. Cooler on the water than land. Yeah!

Glynis- right back at ya'- thanks for reading!

Jean- well, as water lily photos go, it is one I like. I like that rolled leaf in front.

Chuck- I'll go dancing in the dark anytime!

Sandra- it was just about perfect

Vanilla- pure luck that we got a good pic! I had to try to keep the kayak in the right place, and Ellen was having trouble with the camera, and she took about 10 pictures. But we got one!

Ann- I have to be a little wild or my life would be a real snoozer.

Ivy- Wow! I'm glad I made you laugh! Viewing is tomorrow. I'll see Betty then

Ratty- I know there are water lilies over where you are... don't you find them in your parks? But, yeah, I like the last one best too.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Some great photos and fantastic blogging, I have just caught up on them, my life seems to be all catch up these days.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Betty & her family.

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