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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow on Big Sauble Outlet

Earlier this month, I found myself at the Headwaters of the Big Sauble (Big Sable) River in the snow. Today, I had a few minutes to kill between appointments, and I wasn't far from the outlet of that same river to Lake Michigan, at Ludington State Park.

Big Sable River outlet

This is one of the best local locations for viewing migrating waterfowl and other birds. Today, though, there were only a few mallards. Not too exciting.

Instead I choose to share a couple of interesting texture pictures.

ice at Big Sable River outlet

rocks at Big Sable River outlet

Hopefully, one of these days, this will be one of the rivers I can follow from point to point as I did with the North Branch of the Lincoln.

See Snow on Big Sauble Headwaters
See North Branch Lincoln River
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Secondary Roads said...

That final picture reminded me of the one I've seen online that looks like snow on rocks. Closer inspection reveals that it is really horses. Nice textures.

vanilla said...

Nice textures, indeed. A few minutes to kill invested wisely instead.

Ann said...

a nice spot to take a break. I like the view in that first shot

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