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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spirit of the Woods Hike- Hodenpyl Dam Pond

Today was the monthly hike for the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. We did walk a portion of the NCT. It's a section that goes along Hodenpyl Dam Pond, just north of what our chapter maintains.

Despite the prediction of heavy rain, eight people showed up. No rain- the weather was perfect!

hike group

There was a light breeze off the pond (really a lake). It was a beautiful walk.

Hodenpyl Dam Pond

The people enjoyed the antics of two dogs- Max the dachshund,


and Lily the beagle. Being a beagle, she had much more important things to do than pose for a portrait!


We saw the fruits of Limber Honeysuckle, Lonicera dioica, a native honeysuckle.

limber honeysuckle

This was a nifty find- a map turtle, Glypteris geographica, sunning itself in the pond.

hike group

Half of the people were new, and we had a great time! Ramona (see link below) has just returned from a year in Peru, and it was great to have her back with us too!

See Ramona Retires
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Lin said...

What a great day! Did you see any frogs??

John Sealander said...

Nice picture of the Map Turtle...

Ann said...

Can a day get any better than that? Cool sighting on the turtle.

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