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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bark and No Bark

These are just some of the other pictures I took on my walk yesterday.

First is some bark from a fallen quaking aspen that has weathered and is being colonized by a fungus. In the gray and brown month of March, my eye is drawn to anything that shows some color.

aspen bark with fungus

The interesting thing about this apple branch is the lack of bark. Someone's been having a feast. My guess is a rabbit. No, not a tree-climbing rabbit. The tree had broken and this branch was on the ground although still living (maybe not for much longer).

chewed apple bark

Finally, I love the bark on this white cedar. This single tree should be in my series of polka-dots and stripes.

white cedar tree

How about those stripes? Wonder what caused them.

white cedar bark

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Secondary Roads said...

Interesting set of teeth marks left by the apple-bark eating rabbit.

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