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Monday, March 21, 2016

Switzer Lake

Found a new little lake today. And I do mean little! But it has a public access, so there must be some sort of fish in it.

This is Switzer Lake looking northeast.

Switzer Lake

And southeast.

Switzer Lake

A stream flows out the south end of it, and less than a half mile away that reaches the Middle Branch of (you knew I was going to say this) the Pere Marquette River.

This picture is taken from the nearest bridge, and the creek from the lake is coming in from the left, right at the very bottom of the picture. I took these first, and didn't realize I was going to want to show you the tiny creek.

Pere Marquette River

As you can see, the middle branch is smaller. The prettiest picture is looking downstream from the bridge.

Pere Marquette River

You know I love finding new places!

See Map of the Pere Marquette
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Ann said...

I like the view.

Secondary Roads said...

It's fun to discover new scenes--particularly ones as charming as these.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I did too, given the bare season.

Chuck- I want to stop there again in summer. Lots of potential for interesting views.

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