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Friday, March 25, 2016

Beautiful Morning

Today was really lovely, at almost any moment. The ice and snow was melting from the time the first rays of sun hit. The sky was blue, and it all combined to great effect.

First was the sunrise.


Followed by light glowing on the far trees out back- have to be two more pictures in the series "Moods of My Backyard." I REALLY love that backyard.

light on trees

light on trees

Just for a little humor, the ice-coated weeds sticking up through the snow gleamed like popsicles.

light on ice

I'm off to work very soon.

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Ann said...

pretty views. Have a great day and Happy Easter

Jean Knill said...

Lovely photos. Hope your Easter will full of promise.

Secondary Roads said...

What a delightful setting for such a beautiful day. I particularly like the red highlights in the sunrise shot.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- thank you , you too!

Jean- and the same to you!

Chuck- interesting. I did not like those.

Emperatriz V. said...

These are really great views for the morning..especially the one on top..wow..amazing shot..

vanilla said...

Same morning here: a little frost which quickly burned off and soon it was 65!

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