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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Springtime Colors- In Church Anyway

Happy Easter!

Still gray and brown outside, although most of the white stuff is gone again. It was really nice to have beautiful flowers in church this morning.




The theme for Lent has been caterpillars to butterflies, so today everyone came forward and stuck a little silk butterfly on a cross as a symbol of new life. Lots of great Easter music.


In the afternoon I took a five-mile walk. All gray and brown, but I did catch something lively. A red squirrel. Pretty sure not one of mine since it was over a mile away.

red squirrel

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Ann said...

What a neat idea with the butterflies on the cross. Nice to see all those spring flowers

Secondary Roads said...

I love those Easter flowers. Also the butterflies on the cross as a symbol of new life. It is a picture of life after life.

vanilla said...

Indoors or out, Spring flowers brighten our lives!

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