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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First Turtles of 2016

Today was beautiful. Just the right temperature, about 50 degrees, sun shining. I took a 5-mile walk.

There is a small pond/wetland that used to be quite hidden, but there's been some recent timber harvesting that has opened the area up more. Don't know what that will mean for the wildlife in general, but the turtles were sure out catching the rays this afternoon.

Most of them were painted turtles. I saw probably ten of those. However, the best find was a big guy, sharing the same log with one of the painted ones. This is another Blanding's turtle. Considered endangered in general and of special concern in Michigan.

Blanding's turtle

I wasn't sure what it was until I got home and could see the pictures on the computer. They don't usually extend their necks so far out. But when I saw the spots on the shell, that was kind of definitive.

Blanding's turtle

This was the clincher, however. I managed to sneak around and get a shot from the front without scaring it off the log. That yellow chin is the absolute key. Blanding's turtle. No doubt. Also notice the spots on the leg.

This one is not as big as the one I saw a few years ago that I'm pretty sure was bigger than the state record. But this one was cleaner (easier to see features) and closer (better pictures).

You can see the big one at the link below.

See The Secret Pond and an Amazing Turtle
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The Furry Gnome said...

Neat to find a Blandings!

Lin said...

Oh, he's beautiful! I still want a turtle for my pond...even though I know he would eat all the plants and then walk away....still.....

They are shoring up the sides of the creek 2 blocks from here. They are dredging the creek and putting in rocks all along the sides to create better drainage. I just keep feeling sad...thinking of all the frogs and other water creatures who were probably killed. :(

Secondary Roads said...

He is one handsome fellow.

Ann said...

He seems to be enjoying the sun

mike spain said...

Stretching out to take a look!

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