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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Late Summer Yellows

Nothing very unique today. I show you these same plants every couple of years. But I like them, and they make me feel happy.

I took the pictures yesterday. The sky did deliver beginning last night, and is still delivering lots of water. Lots. The really good news is that I have FINALLY gotten the leaking spot in the roof sealed up well enough to make it stop dripping into the kitchen. If it passed the test of today, I think it's good to go! Actually, the problem was that I thought the water was getting in somewhere else. Adding sealer to that spot wasn't solving the problem. Eventually, I realized there was another possibility, and with the application of sealer there- no more leak.

Anyway... here is butter-and-eggs.

toadflax, butter and eggs

And Canada goldenrod.

Canada goldenrod

Hope yellow makes you happy too!

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Ann said...

glad you got your leak fixed. That's gotta be a relief. Love the happy yellows

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