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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The August Visit to the Creek

I used to walk down to the cemetery creek almost every day with Maggie. Then a big tree fell across the gully I use to get down to the water level. It's too big for me to clear by hand. And then there wasn't Maggie any more. I haven't been going down there much at all lately even though it's so pretty.

But Jade's stamina is improving and I decided we should make a longer loop today that included the creek. It was a bit of a challenge with her on a leash, but we made it to the water.


The deer, of course, visit all the time.

deer tracks

What did Jade think? She got a drink like any sensible dog. She wasn't prissy about getting her feet wet, but she didn't feel the need to lie down in the water or roll in the mud. As I keep saying, she's a really good dog.

dog in creek

So our loop today had to be pretty close to a mile, and she didn't poop out near the end at all.

More yard work, especially in the evening when it was cooler.

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Ratty said...

Creeks like this are so beautiful to me. They don't really form like this where I am. Here they kind of gouge out the ground on the sides of the water.

Ann said...

Jade must be enjoying her time there. Glad to hear she didn't roll in the mud. That would have required a bath when she got back home.

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