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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We are about halfway across Minnesota. Here's the view as we approached Duluth from Wisconsin. It's on the hill across the river.


We got to our campground really early, so I took a walk. The (paved) Paul Bunyan trail is near the campground and I did an out-and-back. Lyle has a sore hip. Neither one of us is happy about that, but he even more than I.

Paul Bunyan Trail

The most intriguing thing today was that we were camped next to two bear hunters who had shot a small sow and were just heading home. In this state you just have to take the head and skin to the DNR to register the kill, so they had that in one cooler, and the meat all packed in ice in a bigger cooler. They offered to give us some but we don't have any real way to keep it till we could deal with it. But it was quite an experience to hear about it all. They were very interested in the North Country Trail. They knew parts of it near them. And... they bought two books!

Tomorrow should be interesting. We are staying here for a particular reason. Stay tuned

Over and out for today.

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Secondary Roads said...

Glad you are enjoying the adventure. Been a long time since I had a bear steak.

Ann said...

sounds like you're having a good time so far. I've tried bear meat once, I wasn't real crazy about the taste of it

John Sealander said...

We used to eat bear meat when I was growing up in Alaska. It tastes real different depending on whether the Bears have been eating berries of fish. Moose tastes much better...

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