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Thursday, September 29, 2016

White on White

That's all you get today. A picture of white.

No it didn't suddenly start snowing here. It's the kitchen ceiling.

The important thing is what you don't see- a water stain ring.

repaired ceiling

Yes, I know it's not perfect. It's just a teensie-weensie bit possible that I didn't care enough to work really hard to get it 100% level, since the seam is also buckling over time and it didn't seem worth the effort.

Nevertheless, the overabundant rain has continued to test my leak-sealing skills, and there has been no further dripping in the kitchen. Not even any dampness in the area.

So, I really cut out the damaged sheet rock, replaced that piece and plastered over it. But water leak stains are the pits. There is NOTHING that will keep them from bleeding through except expensive primer. The moderately good news is that you can now buy Kilz in a spray can as well as by the gallon. $5 works for me as opposed to $30.

Two coats of Kilz and one coat of latex paint. Cross another job off the list.

Yippie for me!

If you are local and need to cover a water stain, give me a call. I have 95% of a spray can left.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spray Kilz suggestion.

vanilla said...

Good enough is good enough. Looks good.

Secondary Roads said...

Makes me think of White-out. I had an employee who used to say, "Good enough is perfect." I [mostly] agreed with him.

Ann said...

I have a water stain in my bedroom closet. I'll have to look for the kilz in the spray can. I wasn't about to buy a whole can for just my bedroom closet.
The ceiling looks good. Way better than I could have done

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