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Monday, September 26, 2016

Old Electronics, New Food Idea

This is a pretty scatterbrained post, but some days are like that.

I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning off my desk and some shelves next to it. Managed to increase the stack of paper to be recycled to about 8 inches. Not too bad, considering this is all paperwork that was considered important enough to keep the last time I went through it.

I also have stacked to give away or sell for a small price a large stack of stationery. I never was good at "real" letters anyway, and now it's just hopeless. Electronic messages just work for me. I'm keeping a small stack of note cards and some greeting cards. The rest are leaving!

Tucked in the back of a cubbyhole I found two electronic gadgets that are both dead, but I guess I was keeping them for some sentimental reason. Nope. They are leaving now.

Both had to do with hiking. The watch was quite the item. It was actually called an electronic wrist instrument. I really enjoyed it for as long as it worked. It did time and temperature and altitude. It didn't do temperature well because it was affected too much by being near one's body. It didn't do altitude well because it was based on air pressure and you were supposed to set it every day with a barometer. Right. So basically it was an expensive watch with several timing functions. But I did have a lot of fun with it.

The other little toy could be set to the scale of a map, then you ran the wheel along the line you wanted to follow and it would tell you the distance covered by the line. Sort of. It wasn't too accurate, and it poked holes in the map. Again, I had fun with it before it died.

electronic gadgets

On the side of new things, here's a recipe I made up. I love dill pickles, probably buying a big jar every month (peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are my lunch staple). But I hate throwing out all the juice. I drink some of it, but can't get it all down before I buy another jar. So, I tried something new.

I'd been hankering for some Jello. I made some sugar-free lime with pears in it. Wow! My tastes have changed- too sweet!

Here's what I tried. I took a packet of unflavored Knox gelatin. Sprinkled in into 1/2 cup cold pickle juice and let it dissolve. Boiled 1 cup pickle juice and added it. Then stirred in 1/2 cup plain yogurt. It's pretty good! If you can handle aspic-like things you could add other veggies. I'm not a fan of really crunchy things in gelatin. But it's good with cauliflower on the side.

A couple of spoonfuls help beat back the hungries without adding hardly a calorie.

pickle gelatin

There you have it... a scattered day. But one corner of my office is cleaner. Too bad it takes so long. I'll never focus long enough to get the whole room clean.

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Secondary Roads said...

I dug out my MP3 player last week. The rechargeable battery was dead. I tried to recharge it for two days. It is no longer an MP3 player, but it can serve as a thumb drive.

Ann said...

I always have a hard time getting my computer/craft room cleaned because I get distracted by all the things I find in the mess :) I bet if I were to look around the house I could probably find some outdated electronic gadgets.
That's quite the interesting combination with the pickle juice. I remember my dad used to save the juice from sauerkraut and he would drink that

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