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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ellen and Joan Ride

two bike riders

Ellen and I did a great adventure day today. We rode our bikes 18 miles. Even though there aren't people in this picture we saw a lot of folks using the trail: mostly bicyclists, but also a scooter, roller blader, and one man in a wheelchair.

rail trail

We were riding on the Hart Montague Rail Trail. We would have been happy to go farther, but it was the first time I've ridden this year, and my seat wasn't in shape for longer than that yet.

Ellen had made some yummy macaroni salad for our lunch and peanut butter fudge! After that we decided that we were up for some more fun, so we kayaked across Bass Lake to the outlet to Lake Michigan. I didn't take the camera in the kayak. There were lots of people swimming and playing at the outlet beach where the water is warm.

After my short night last night I'm really tired. But I leave you with the cutie for the day... a baby raccoon.

baby raccoon


Ann said...

I'm so out of shape I would never make it 18 miles on a bike. And if by chance I did I doubt that I would be able to move the next
What a cute little raccoon that is

Loretta said...

such a cute baby! wonderful shot!
I watched a very large possum walk past my yard tonight...kinda glad he decided to graze somewhere besides my yard....He was not nearly as cute as your raccoon.

rainfield61 said...

It half hid behind the tree.

"Are you a friendly one?"

* Michael * said...

18 miles! Wow, what A ride!

That is a very cute raccoon! Love it!

Geri Ohara said...

Brilliant photo of the racoon...& Good lord you must be fit!

Glynis said...

Where do you get your energy from? Love the Racoon. :)

vanilla said...

What a wonderful way to utilize the day-- a day not spent, but time improved!

Lin said...

Wow--a bike ride AND a kayak excursion??! I think I might have to have you on my Expedition Impossible team!! ;)

Okay, that little raccoon is adorable. Any raccoon that is not destroying my yard is adorable. (I still have major guilt over that whole fall)

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like a splendid day! And that baby raccoon sure is cute!

Ratty said...

I haven't ridden a bike in years. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I used to ride a bike to work just for the fun of it.

The little raccoon is great.

Sharkbytes said...

ann- it was a stretch for my first ride of the year, but i was fine after a little early morning stiffness

loretta- possums are not so endearing when they are large (and they smell bad)

rainfield- they are very friendly and curious when small. way too smart for their own good when grown

michael- i need to work up to more miles than that

geri- well, i try, but 18 miles isn't really so much

glynis- i only seem to have energy for outdoor adventures. i need to develop some for cleaning my house

vanilla- hey, i agree! maybe that's what's wrong with my attitude toward all the things i should be doing

lin- they are allowed to be adorable when not eating the yard or getting in the garbage. they grow up to be such naughty animals

rose- my kinda day! They look so innocent at that age

Ratty- could you ride some now? You are a raccoon expert.

RNSANE said...

When you say your seat wasn't ready, are you saying your bicycle seat or your gluteus maximus/minumus? Eighteen miles is wonderful, I think.

What a sweet little raccoon! I guess they can become an annoyance, sometimes, but he's perfect in that tree!

Ferd said...

Ooh! That looks like an awesome trail! Just the kind of thing Gail and I love to do!

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