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Friday, July 1, 2011


Yup, I went to a local production of Oklahoma! tonight. Actually, Ellen and I went together. They did a really good job, with a live orchestra. And, they allowed photos as long as they weren't flash, so... I can share with you.

First is Laurie and Curly in the reprise of "People Will Say We're in Love."

Laurie and Curly in Oklahoma!

Will and Ado Annie discuss their unique plans for life together with "All Er Nuthin'."

Will and Ado Annie in Oklahoma!

Aunt Eller trying to convince her neighbors that "Territory Folks Should Stick Together."

Aunt Eller and cast in Oklahoma!

Finally, the entire cast joins to sing the famous title song, "Oklahoma!"

cast of Oklahoma!

I think this was very well done for local theater, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having enough money to go to an occasional play is a real perk of having a job, for which I'm grateful.

Now I have to try to calm down enough to go to sleep. Three more days of papers.


Emma Springfield said...

I love local theater. Oklahoma is a favorite too. My oldest grandson recently treated me to local productions of "Grease" and "The Wedding Singer". Both were fantastic. He has already told me that for Christmas he is taking me to see "Wycked". It will be professional and I am looking forward to it. Isn't he a good grandson? I must say that the scenery in your "Oklahoma" looks like the scenery in the movie.

Ann said...

How fun. I've never been to any of the local productions they have here. They did an excellent job with the set. It looks great.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I always enjoy going to local theater productions! My favorite was "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers."

Secondary Roads said...

That must have been a great evening. At least it looks good from here.

vanilla said...

You're doin' fine, Sharkebytes, OK!
Very nice pictures.

rainfield61 said...

Haha..You look so excited.

Jean said...

Judging from the photos it was a great production!

Don't unplug your hub said...

Thanks for inviting us along.

Ratty said...

It looks like it was a fun event. I haven't been to a play in a long time.

betchai said...

thanks for reminding, i love watching plays, but somehow, haven't been to a local one, i don't mean to be a local snob, but maybe always too pre-occupied with so many things going.

RNSANE said...

It's been such a long time since I've been to the theatre. Of course, I get out all the time to hear jazz and singers doing tunes from the Great American songbook but I think the last real production I saw was Phantom - and that cost about $30. There is a service here that offers last minute tickets to some of the shows in town at about 50 per cent off but the seats are in the far reaches of the balcony and I can't do that many steps anymore!

I would love to do some of the smaller productions out here on the Peninsula.

Lin said...

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry, when I take you out in my surry............

I love musicals. I like to sing along. But I think that is frowned upon with live theater. :(

Ferd said...

That sounds like a fun evening!
Our high school did Oklahoma way way way back when. It's a fun show! :-)

Glynis said...

Love the Oklahoma story! I will always watch it in any form. Sadly here it would all be Greek to me! ;0

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