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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinwheels or Parachutes?

Today I found a little mushroom in my kingdom. It's not rare, really, but I haven't seen it before. One of its names is Pinwheel Mushroom. It's a tiny find. The largest pinwheel is about 3/8 inch across.

pinwheel mushroom

Look at the adorable dark stems. This clump was on a slope, so it was easier to get a side view.

pinwheel mushroom

It has another name, the collared parachute. Look underneath-- the gills don't attach to the stem, but to a collar around it. It usually grows in deciduous woods.

pinwheel mushroom

To be specific, it's Marasmius rotula. It's very similar to one called horsehair mushroom, but that one has a thinner cap and usually grows on conifer detritus or rotting logs.

I'm always smiling when I find something new where I walk every day.

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Anonymous said...

What pretty little mushrooms! Flowers have nothing on those guys. :O)

Ratty said...

These mushrooms have me smiling too. They look like little flowers. they look exceptionally pretty for mushrooms.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Those are unusual .. I was so intrigued I 'Googled' the name to find out whether it was edible or not. Apparently - not but it isn't according to Wikipedia, poisonous. What a shame it would have looked good on a breakfast plate if it could have been eaten.

It does make a splendid blog post through .. I always love finding something that I haven't included in my blog before. You have some lovely shots here especially like the middle picture - almost expect to see fairies and pixies dancing about inbetween them!

Umihoney said...

The mushrooms are so pretty and dainty...tiny quaint fairy skirts.Thank you for sharing.Luv the pix

gallerydarrow said...

It's beautiful! Looks like jewelry to me :)

RNSANE said...

These are such cute mushrooms, Joan. I've never seen them before!

Interesting Foto said...

beautiful mushrooms

Colleen said...

Aren't those pretty! As a child I used to love wandering around in the woods...your site brings me back there...thank you!

rainfield61 said...

The little things have attracted you.

Secondary Roads said...

They are charmingly lovely. How nice it is to make such discoveries.

Pblacksaw said...

these are great.. I love finding surprises in my kingdom.. I love mushrooms.. Have a great day

Marice said...

that is so cute :)

vanilla said...

You take us on the most fantastic botanical journeys!
I was once told that any mushroom that grows on rotting wood is edible, so would these...?

Not that I would ever eat them.

Ann said...

I thought they were flowers. I would never have known it was a mushroom if you hadn't said

missing moments said...

I love mushrooms and seeing ones I have never seen before! Love the photos. New follower here!

Sharkbytes said...

Word Nerd- they do look like little blossoms, don't they?

Ratty- well, I'm partial to lots of mushrooms, but these have those cute little flutes.

Polly- they do seem like little architectural marvels. My mushroom book says edibility unknown, but I'm no expert.

Umihoney- you see skirts, I see houses. I never did make a very good fashionista!

Ro- I should have known you would see jewelry!

Carmen- they are supposedly common, but I've never seen them that I recall.

Foto- thanks- they are so dainty.

Colleen- you made my day! I love making people remember good times in the woods.

rainfield- I know you would also be exploring the forest floor.

chuck- I like that word- "charming"

Hi Patsy- thanks for stopping by! I like surprises too (well, like this one)

Marice- they definitely are cute- thanks for stopping by.

vanilla- I think that's probably a dangerous rule. If you make mistakes with mushrooms the results can be really, really bad. I only eat a couple of kinds that I'm really really sure of.

Ann- they seem like little flower buttons.

Reena- welcome! Sometimes, I can even ID them. Mushrooms can be tough.

spinninglovelydays said...

How pretty! I'd have been ecstatic if I'd encountered some of those. :)

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