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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Morning Walk and a Good Day

Thanks, everyone for your well-wishes. The headache is just part of the difficulty I have adjusting to the schedule to do the paper route. One more day and I can go back to being a night owl.

Much to my surprise, when I finished today, for the first day all week, I did not have a headache and I felt GOOD. Wow! So I started by taking a walk on the south breakwall of the Pentwater channel. It was a lovely calm morning, with the last traces of a fog making everything look soft.

Pentwater Channel

A young couple was "spooning" on the opposite side in the shadow of the lighthouse, but they cut it out and just sat still for a few minutes, so I snapped their silhouette with "The Three Sisters" dunes in the background. That's their name... it's collective. As far as I know, they aren't individuals like Edith or Iona or Charlotte.

Pentwater three sisters

Walking back to my car, I just liked the way these sailboats at anchor looked in Pentwater Lake.


I continued to feel good all day. I did some gardening, and some maintenance things, and treated myself to a burger cooked over a fire. I only ate one! The rest will still have the great open fire flavor all week, even when warmed in the microwave.

hamburgers on open fire

I think I may be able to fall asleep fairly early again, so I'm off to bed soon. Definitely a quality day, just one more morning of paper route!

See Fire Grilled Burgers


Loretta said... happy you had a good day and no headache. And now you can go back to your "normal" life! Love the photos....looks like the kinda day I would have loved. Hoping to soon be free to come that way and chill for a few days.

Ann said...

Lovely shots. I have to say there is something so calming about the water to me. Glad to hear you had a good day and hooray for only one more day of the paper route

Lin said...

I LOVE the sailboat photo!! Nice. :)

Glad you are feeling better. Nothing worse than those lingering headaches. Ugh.

Save a burger for me!! They look delicious.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Looks like a peaceful quiet day, love the photos.

rainfield61 said...

Oh, you have reminded me about my quality day too.

miadventure said...

That looks like a perfect day!

vanilla said...

Those pictures are lovely, and the hamburgers are making me salivate.
Trust Om is back to the paper carrying now.

Secondary Roads said...

Nice walk with a pleasant view. How nice to have that as part of your day!

Ferd said...

Glad you're headache free, and that you had a Quality Day!
I like the sailboat photo, and I bet I'd like the hamburgers, too. They look delicious!! :-)

spinninglovelydays said...

Once again I have to exclaim over the beauty of your area. You're really blessed.:)

Abby, the dog said...

I like early morning walks in the summer--it's the best part of the day! Is Maggie going to get one of those burgers too? I hope so!

Sharkbytes said...

loretta- that would be awesome- just let us know when

ann- having the water nearby is very important to me

lin- the picnic's on me if you get yourself here

carol- it was a calm morning- and a quiet day too

rainfield- no jungle here, but lots of water

john- funny how we all feel that the lake is our own even though it's so big

vanilla- om is back and had to do all the collecting today as well as delivering the papers. i told him i'd feel sorry for him except that i'm too happy that it's not me

chuck- yes, i want to define the days by these good parts

ferd- the burgers were/are wonderful. i get one a day until they are gone

ivy- i know i really am- there is nothing like big water

abby- mom didn't give me a whole burger, but i got some juice and bits. yum. maggie

RNSANE said...

There's nothing like feeing good! I'm so glad to hear that...and the walk by that lovely lake had to add to your day! I love the shot of the lighthouse - and the sailboats.

I spent hours today trying to clean up and my best friend ( 49 years!! ) arrives tomorrow for two weeks. Things are chaos as I've slowly been trying to pack the house for my move...still don't know when it will happen - but by the end of September!

Sharkbytes said...

best friend visits are awesome! have a great time.

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