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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maroon Smoke Tree

We have a smoke tree. This is not it. Ours is not a maroon one, but is sort of a greeny-gray. These trees make good ornamentals in dry infertile soil. Yup. Also, the rabbits like the bark in winter. Ours is back to being a shrub after several cycles of being a stub, and now having a 4-foot rabbit fence around it. I'm not sure why I keep trying to save it, except that it does add interest when it's looking good.

Anyway, I like the maroon ones best, although none of them will make my list of favorites. However, driving home yesterday morning, this tree displayed one of those life lessons... from one angle it is dark although interesting, but look what happens when the morning light shines through- it becomes spectacular!

smoke tree in sun

Hot and humid today... hopefully a little cooler tomorrow.

See One Last Blaze for Fall for another smoke tree, also not ours


RNSANE said...

It really is a beautiful tree Do the rabbits kill it, then, nibbling on the bark? It would get disheartening having critters take the fruits of my labor. Friends are always telling me they loose their cherries and berries to the birds!

rainfield61 said...

It is hot and humid everyday.

And it is hazy recently.

Secondary Roads said...

That tree does look great. Especially with the sun hitting it like that.

Glynis said...

That is a stunning tree! I have never heard of them before.

jakill said...

It is a very beautiful tree. I'm putting it on my list to google as I didn't know about smoke trees before either.

betchai said...

it's very pretty, yes, spectaular with the early morning light.

gallerydarrow said...

I love smoke trees, they grow free range in the desert southwest here. I had no Idea you could grow them in Michigan, interesting.

Don't unplug your hub said...

This would probably make good tinder to start a camp fire with a flint.

Ann said...

wow it is really pretty with the sun shining through it

New7Wonders of Nature said...

First time I heard about Maroon Smoke trees.Anyway nice information. I like your blog.

Sharkbytes said...

carmen- they eat the bark all around the larger branches and kill them.

rainfield- i could never live in your climate, seriously

chuck- completely changes its character

glynis- they grow in dry infertile soil- like west michigan sand, or deserts

jean- genus cotinus

betchai- they have their moments

ro- it's our crappy soil. I didn't know that they were native somewhere here

john- i haven't tried them for that purpose. now i will have to find out. it's really hard to find good natural materials for that. dryer lint works well

ann- i'd actually never seen it like this before

hi 7 wonders- welcome- thanks for stopping by.

moirai said...

Hello! =)

Scrolled down the page a little bit after commenting on your latest entry. Noticed the similarity in the beginning of both posts. Hehe. =P And then I thought, it would be nice too to see your trees, even though they may not be as picture perfect as the ones you've shown here. I'm sure they are pretty as well.

Have a nice day! =)

Interesting Pictures said...

The smoke tree look stunning.

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