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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Ring- Dona Nobis Pacem

Remember my friends Loren and Dave who play in a handbell choir? Today, their group plus three other groups joined together for the Manistee County Spring Ring. This hour-long program featured sacred and secular music, and even a story with sound effects.

Dave got to do the biggest (deepest) bell.

handbell players

It's amazing how much variety of sounds bell choirs have to work with. They ring the bells, hammer the bells, use the hammers for percussion, and use chimes. The concert was more multi-dimensional than I expected.

My favorite arrangements were "How Great Thou Art," and a ragtime version of "Rock-a My Soul."

Each choir did a couple of pieces separately, and five songs were played by the combined group. I recorded the final song, which also featured cello, violin and flute. It's the familiar song: Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace).


See Miscellany for Dave and Loren playing bells
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Karen Adair said...

I LOVE handbell choirs. We have a smaller version for our family that are colored. Nothing like these impressive brass handbells, but the enjoyment factor is probably the same. :) Thanks for sharing!

visiting from A to Z challenge

Margot said...

Thank you for sharing the handbells. I was at a conference this weekend and heard some wonderful choral music.
I noticed that they had bells that were covered and kept hoping that they would play them. Alas they did not.

Thanks for being part of A-Z and making a point to visit everyone. I appreciated your comments as I am sure others did. Like you I write everyday the challenge was having to fit with in the A-Z grid. Which turned out to not be that hard. I posted in two of my blogs for this challenge. My mosaic blog I took a day at the beginning of the challenge and set it to post each day. My other devotional blog I wrote and posted daily.

I've got you among my favorites from the challenge and will try to pop in from time to time.

Blessings, Margot

john bain said...

Never heard one wrong note!

spinninglovelydays said...

I love hand bell choirs, esp the good ones! I wish somebody would start one in our church; I'd join! Thanks for sharing. :)

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