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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Non-Migratory Flamingo

Do you remember that rare find, The Nesting Flamingo?

I've decided to make "flamingos" one of my series. They keep popping into my life in odd ways. For example, today I bring you the non-migratory flamingo.

This large bird has spent the entire winter foraging in a yard down the road. It did not even migrate as far as the garage. I can only assume it found enough snow fleas and discarded pieces of KFC to sustain itself. Seems healthy, with good coloring.

yard flamingo

Re: yesterday's backgrounds. The first one isn't quite plain. It has a drybrush effect but it's obviously too subtle. I like the second one a lot, but the contrasting areas are problematic to put text over. I am using the third one with white text. It looks good, and when blown up on a screen will look less textured.

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Lin said...

I think that poor birdie is wondering what happened to its other leg. :)

Secondary Roads said...

That non migratory bird is patiently waiting for something. But what?

Ann said...

Well he does look quite healthy for spending a winter outside :)

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- He's not too contemplative.

Chuck- he's also a weathervane- this morning he was facing the other way

Ann- I agree!

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