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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where are You Attracted to Worship?

Attended church today in this building, the Ebeneezer Center of the West Berlin Wesleyan Church. Do you mind a worship service being held in a room with a gym floor, portable stage and chairs?

West Berlin Wesleyan Church

The reason I was thinking about this question is that the same congregation has a more traditional building. They've been working on repairs and cleaning after water damage and mold created serious problems. The early, more traditional service is being held in that building. I haven't been inside, but suspect it has pews, typical pulpit furniture, etc. Even so, it's not really fancy... a typical country church. The attendees who like a traditional service have said they really find comfort in the old building. They see those surroundings as an aid to worship.

West Berlin Wesleyan Church

Or are you a person who prefers a great deal of architectural beauty to enhance your worship? I don't even know what church this is, but I snapped its picture in Albion.

brick church

I've surprised myself in the last few years by learning that over the long term, I like some architectural and decorative/symbolic stimulation. That doesn't mean I can't worship in plain places.

Actually, what's more important to me is the spirit of those in the group, and the Spirit in the place. It also helps to be there with people with whom you have ties. And that's where I was today, with Chuck and Sylvia of Secondary Roads.

brick church

Be jealous, blogger buddies who also love C&S. Yes, I had almost 24 hours with them. Of course, I slept quite a few of those... I was really tired after four programs over the weekend.

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Ann said...

When I was growing up the church that we attended was actually the gymnasium of a school. It wasn't until years later that they finally built a separate building. The surroundings have never really made much difference to me

Karen and Gerard said...

I do prefer worshiping in a church sanctuary rather than a gymnasium, but agree that it's the spirit in the place that is more important. How fun to meet other bloggers!

RNSANE said...

I am rarely in a formal church setting any more but I am able to worship anywhere....the beauty of nature often has me singing God's praises. I've been in some of the world's most beautiful churches and they are most awesome...but the small roadside shrines I've come across around the world also are very special.

vanilla said...

Since I have attended worship service in that building I have to say I don't mind at all! The old building is very attractive, though I've never been inside it.

Lucky you: a visit with Sylvia and Chuck!

Lin said...

Oh, how fun that you got to stay with Chuck and Sylvia!! I hope you call me when you are in our neck of the woods--we'd love to have you here too. :) Hobbes loves to shed on new people in the house.

I like an old church--but not too fancy. One of my favorite places to pray is out in nature--and I remember being on vacation in the hills of Kentucky. They would have a traveling minister come up to the lodge at 7:00 a.m. and we'd have mass in a pavilion out in the woods. It was so was easy to find God in that place.

Sharkbytes said...

It has been very interesting to hear all your responses to the question!

Lin- I sure will let you know if I come your way! You won't get out of that one.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

It has never bothered me where we have worshipped, over the years we have shared fellowship in York Minster and a campervan, I know that God hears us no matter where we are :)

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