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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Strawberry Blite

I'm still working on pictures and the finishing touches on this program: "The North Country Trail in Michigan." Also tweaking "Botanizing Along the North Country Trail" as well. Found pictures of this beautiful plant.

This is a relative of the common amaranth, but it has an odd name, and wonderful flowers. Its name is odd- Strawberry Blite. It is neither a blight nor a strawberry. I just read that the flowers are edible. Wish I'd known that when we saw them. I've never seen them before or since. Its scientific name is Chenopodium capitatum

photo label

Just enjoy.

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Ivy said...

Those are flowers? I thought they were fruits. They do look like strawberries in the thumbnail.

Secondary Roads said...

Both the common name and the scientific name are interesting. The plant is too. The blossoms do look a bit like strawberries.

Ann said...

an interesting name and a pretty flower on it

RNSANE said...

The bright flowers look like they might be nice in a salad.

powder coating machine said...

Their color is very pleasant and soothing. They are looking lovely really.

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