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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chuck Dives for Cover

No, not my blogger buddy... a woodchuck that lives in the bank of the cemetery creek. Can you see it hiding behind the weeds?


Out into the open, as it headed down the steep bank.


And halfway down the bank it turned and popped into its den!


Woodchucks can be terrible pests, but they are so cute I just find them charming.

See Buckeye Trail for a lazy woodchuck
See A Wary Woodchuck for an old woodchuck
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vanilla said...

Woodchuck lives along our creek bank too. Pesky things are cute.

Secondary Roads said...

I call them charlies. (I'll bet you can guess why.) Kittens are cute, but not Charlie.

Ratty said...

It's good to see a woodchuck. I haven't seen one in a long time. I think I need to check if they even live in my new part of the country.

Ann said...

I see them often but usually along the roadside. They are rather cute

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla- Not sure what appeals to me so much about them, but it does

Chuck- I think I knew that about you and Charlie!

Ratty- I think they must be... they are about everywhere

Ann- dead?

Ivy said...

For some reason, I thought a woodchuck was a bird, lol. Never encountered one (at least, not to my knowledge) except in the tongue twister.

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