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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birds of the Day at Lake Arthur

These birds of the day aren't today. They aren't even Michigan. They were taken last Friday in Pennsylvania on Lake Arthur at the heart of Moraine State Park. The lake is large, man-made, and purely for recreation. It filled in 1969.

Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania

We took a boat tour- pontoon boat- no exercise at all. But it was very restful, and the lady who told us about the area was interesting and funny without using really stupid jokes like some tour guides seem to feel are obligatory.

Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania

The best sightings were some large birds. I like blue herons, of course, but we have so many here that I didn't feel obliged to take pictures. I did, however, snap these two. This bald eagle decided to give us the classic pose.

bald eagle

The very best, for me, was the osprey. Pennsylvania erects nesting platforms in many locations. It seems like I always see ospreys when we hike there. We have them here, but the platforms really put them on display, and the birds seem to like the accommodations a lot.


The very best picture, without a doubt is the osprey coming in for a landing.


I have to confess to being slightly under-enthused about getting back into harness here at home. Sigh.

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vanilla said...

The Levitating Osprey is a very special shot!

Secondary Roads said...

I particularly like the bird pics. Especially the osprey during touch down.

Ann said...

I've seen the platforms for the osprey but have never been lucky enough to see the bird itself..

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