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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Orange Mitosis and Seaweed Saturn

Om and I took a bike ride through the state park tonight. I got some realistic pictures you may see another day (or not!), but these two caught my attention.

Remember watching those little cells divide under the microscope, making exact replicas of themselves? Little buoys can do it too!

reflected buoys

And nearby we had some planetary action where a lost bobber had collected rings of seaweed.

float with seaweed rings

Maggie would approve of an orange theme.

I'm getting my wits collected for another horribly busy week.

See Maggie Says, "More Orange, Mom"
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RNSANE said...

I always like photos with reflections. There's a meme called
"Weekend Reflections" that, often, has some spectacular shots. Yours would be perfect there!

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