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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sprit of the Woods Hike- Bowman Lake

Today was the monthly Spirit of the Woods hike. We did the 6-mile loop at Bowman Lake, and a side loop that's new called the Leatherleaf Loop. Interesting name, since we didn't see any leatherleaf on it. But it was a beautiful short side loop off the big loop.

Here's the requisite picture of the hikers.


We enjoyed the rolling topography. The whole area is glacially sculpted into small hills with kettle holes, but long view pictures just don't capture it. I'll just show you some little gems. First a tiny orange mushroom showing off against the green moss.

orange mushroom

And a turkeytail fungus. I've brought you lots of these, but each one has a beauty of its own.


I missed the best sight of the day. We had split into two groups for a short while and the other group watched a porcupine climb a tree. I never seem to catch something like this with the camera. Or even my eyes today. O well, I'm glad they saw it. We met two members of our trail club who were just out walking the loop in the other direction, but had forgotten about the date of the group hike. We also saw some bicyclists and other hikers, anglers and a church group out for a picnic. I love to see people using this location. Our trail club has put a lot of work into the area, and because its non-motorized people who love the quiet come here.

We ended with lunch at Bowman Lake.

lunch by the lake

And one more picture, just because I like it.

ripples on the lake

I napped all afternoon. My 1.5 hours of sleep had really run out, and I'm ready for bed again now. Didn't do anything of value the whole rest of the day, but I'm just too tired.

See Leatherleaf
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rainfield61 said...

Sleep, baby, sleep
Our cottage vale is deep
The little lamb is on the green
With snowy fleece so soft and clean
Sleep, baby, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep

shelly said...

Nap? Lucky-ducky.

Hugs and chocolate,

Lin said...

Oh, that looks lovely there. I would LOVE to see a porcupine in the wild...and then to see it climb a tree???! Very cool. Sorry you missed it.

Loritenor said...

Sorry Imissed the hike...was not listed on the calendar, but I should have remembered y'all usually have something the first Saturday. Not that I would have been able to hike 6 miles plus anyway! I like the last photo best too.

RNSANE said...

Amazing what you can do on no sleep. All your pictures are wonderful but I, especially, like the orange mushrooms and the beautiful one of the lake with its soothing even on the internet!!

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