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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is There a Nut in There?

Out doing assignments all day. This fox squirrel (note the orange underside) was hiking across a roof.

fox squirrel

"Here's an interesting clump of moss. I wonder if there's a nut in there?"

fox squirrel

"Oh, hello. What do you want?"

fox squirrel

"I don't like you watching me."

fox squirrel

"I'm outta here. The tree is safer."

fox squirrel

The insurance company isn't going to like that roof one little bit, but it makes a great playground for a squirrel.

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Lin said...

He's very cute. I've been putting out nuts for the birds and squirrels this summer. I am very popular with that set needless to say.

vanilla said...

Nice presentation; bad roof.

Secondary Roads said...

What Vanilla said.

Ann said...

cute squirrel but not much for socializing is he :)

RNSANE said...

Well, probably there WASN'T a nut in there so you saved the squirrel from wasting his time.

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