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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ester & Joan Sample Brenda's Burgers

Remember the item from my list to eat at Brenda's Burgers in Scottville? Score one! Ester's here for a few days, and we checked it out.

Brenda's Burgers

I got to be both naughty and nice, while Ester was stuck with a fat old man.

Brenda's Burgers

She ordered the Kahuna Burger with pineapple and sweet & sour sauce, which she said was really, really good (and Brenda says is her personal favorite). I had the Black and Blue Burger. The burger was excellent and the blue cheese was really flavorful. Ester also ordered Jalapeno poppers that she snarfed down. Me... I don't even get close to stuff like that!

Brenda's Burgers

I just don't eat out much, so my support for the place isn't going to make much difference, but I really wish them success. It's the fourth restaurant in that building. Reasonable prices, two sizes of burger. Other stuff too!

Brenda's husband and I used to work together.

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Ann said...

sounds like a unique spot to eat. Both burgers sound pretty good to me but I would stay away from the jalapeno poppers too. I'm not a fan of stuff like that.

Secondary Roads said...

Must be a nice place. We had jalapeño poppers yesterday to celebrate Sylvia's birthday.

vanilla said...

I'd like the black 'n blue, perhaps some jalapenos on the side!

Ed Kyte said...

Thank you Joan for such a nice write up! We would like to see all of you on for a BURGER some day soon!!

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