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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Spirit of the Woods Hike- January 2016

A perfectly lovely day! We had ten people from age 11 to ?? (upwards of that). Two of them were on skis and were moving too fast to capture.


The sky cleared, which is somewhat miraculous in January, and most of us got too warm before we were done. But no one is complaining.

blue sky

There was a little more snow here than at my house, as I suspected, but not really enough to NEED snowshoes. Nevertheless, four of us used them, and four just hiked.


The young girl and her parents hiked the John Muir trail this summer. We're trying to get them to share some sort of program with us about their adventure.

In 2016, the North Country Trail Association and the Forest Service are sponsoring a Hike 100 Challenge to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Forest Service. The goal is to hike 100 miles on the NCT this year.

All of us are four miles to the good, as of today.

Did we have a good time?


If you are near the NCT somewhere and want to participate, just go to the NCTA web site for more info.

Bowman Lake trailhead south, out and back, Lake County, MI

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Ann said...

it looks like a perfect day and like everyone had a good time. Even the snow has a smile on it's face. :)
Only 96 miles to go

RNSANE said...

What a beautiful day, not that I would have been willing to brave the cold. Nice to be with good friends, though. I've had the shivers constantly since returning from India. Just can't get used to the cooler temperatures, not that I loved India's sweltering temperatures.

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