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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Vocabulary Day- January 2016

vocabulary day

I haven't done a vocabulary day in quite a while one heck of a long time. But I've run across some new words recently, so here we go.

Answers tomorrow or the next day. Take a guess, or maybe you already know these.

1. agitprop
a. the turbulence near a propeller
b. political propoganda
c. a mine tunnel
d. stage dressing

2. tessarae
a. one unit of a mosaic
b. a type of lace
c. a type of pottery
d. late summer

3. diener
a. a unit of currency
b. alternate spelling of diner
c. a morgue worker
d. a particular type of hardware like a nut

4. bourse
a. a sac of fluid
b. commonplace
c. a type of stock exchange
d. part of an insect's anatomy

5. shahtoosh
a. a type of jewelry
b. depiction of a royal name
c. a conquered king
d. a shawl made from the hair of Tibetan antelopes

6. fry
a. fragile
b. a type of wetland
c. a low vocal register
d. frumpish

Daffynitions always welcome!

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The Furry Gnome said...

Now those are challenging! Hope you're going to give us the answers, 'cause i have no ideas.

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