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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Merry Christmas from Ester

Ester had to go home today. Darn. We sure had a great time even if we didn't take on any major activities. She made it home safely although she admitted it was kind of a white-knuckle drive.

We had another six or more inches of snow overnight with lots of drifting, and Ester decided she was going to pay to have someone plow the driveway for us rather than let me shovel for hours again.

Talk about a nice gift! Since our first snow was more or less slush that got all rutted and then froze, this was great. It packed the driveway flat and gave me a good base to work off of, from now on.

snowplowing driveway

Here's the requisite selfie just to show that we were happy. This is not a picture I'd want to have framed, haha. But you can catch the mood.

Joan and Ester

And the snowblower has returned home, all fixed. It apparently decided to rupture a fuel line just as I tried to start it yesterday. I did check the gas when I was trying to start it, but the repair man said the tank was empty, so it all leaked out over the course of the day.

I'll probably get to use it in the morning. Still snowing (although not as much).

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vanilla said...

Great friend, warm house. High quality.

Secondary Roads said...

Good news. Good news. According to the radio, we're supposed to start receiving snow around noon. Who are they kidding? We've had snow since dawn. Weather radar shows more (heavier) heading this way. It should miss you.

Ann said...

What an awesome gift. Shoveling is back breaking.

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