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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fieldstone Wall

Here in Michigan stone available for building is so different from where I grew up in the East. Michigan is sand, sand, sand, with millions of large and small glacially deposited, rolled rocks.

Dry stone walls don't happen much with round rocks. That didn't stop people from using what they had. Here's the foundation wall for a barn, cow shed, or some such thing, probably 150-ish years old.

fieldstone wall

The upper, wooden structural part is long gone. A tree has even grown in the door. You could write a fairy tale about this place!

fieldstone wall

Sure looks like dry stones, doesn't it?

fieldstone wall

However, since only two walls remain, the end shows us its secret. Heavy mortar in the center. I think careful rock placement would also be important. But the integrity of the wall demonstrates that it sure worked.

fieldstone wall

And a blue sky brightened the day a whole lot, too!

blue sky

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Ann said...

a pretty impressive wall. If only those rocks could tell stories :)

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