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Friday, January 1, 2016


A visit to the cemetery creek is always interesting. It's a short, unnamed rivulet, but it runs all year.

This week, it's been cold enough to freeze the edges, and islands of debris, and cover them with snow but not cold enough to still the water.

I just liked the shapes formed by those smooth white edges.

partially frozen creek

partially frozen creek

Lots of changes there- a few trees blown down, two big ones marked for removal because they are nearly dead, a pump house where water used to be pulled from the creek has fallen in. One change that happened decades ago has always made me sad. Perhaps I'll make it a blog post one of these days.

I work tonight, but not too long. We did much of Friday night's usual work early this week because of the holiday.

See How's the Cemetery Creek
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Ann said...

The water did a nice job of cutting a path through the snow. Interesting shapes

Secondary Roads said...

It's fascinating how the edges are smoothed by the snow-covered ice.

RNSANE said...

You have a wonderful eye for picking up the beauty in everything.

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