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Monday, November 27, 2017


Just some interesting geometries today. I like this kind of stuff. And I've been saving a picture to put with a group like this. Can I find it? No. Maybe another time when it re-surfaces.

Shadows on the deck.


Architectural interest.


Shadows on the wall.


And in continuing oddities... those stratocumulus undulatus clouds again this morning in the east.

stratocumulus clouds

And in the afternoon in the north. Weird.

stratocumulus clouds

In other news: I wrote my monthly newspaper column and spent hours trying to get the pictures together- SD card problems, computer crashing problems- finally got them. Mailed books, plural! Errands. Got info together for the person who will do cover art for the Dubois Files children's mysteries- more hours, all worthwhile, but not writing. Time spent writing on books- zero minutes. I did open the file once just before the computer crashed. But, it's back to work in the morning so I can't stay up really late tonight.

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Ann said...

I like patterns and shadows. They make for very interesting photos. You had a very productive day but I imagine a bit frustrating witht he computer issues.

Secondary Roads said...

Interesting patterns.

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