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Friday, May 3, 2019

NCTA Celebration - Friday

The second full day of the Celebration. We went on a short hike in the morning. Total about 5 miles, but only 1.5 counted on the NCT because we started from AuSauble Institute and went up a side trail past Eagle Lake to the NCT.


I just liked the ripples with the hemlock branches.

hemlock branches in water

Then the trail went past McNeil Pond, a lovely tiny lake.

McNeal Pond

There are two active beaver lodges on that pond. We didn't see a beaver though.

beaver lodge

Can you believe this? They had coffee and hot chocolate waiting for us at the end of the hike!

serving coffee

There were workshops all afternoon that people could choose from. Four of us who have hiked all the trail led a question and answer session for people who have dreams of being long-distance hikers.

Driving around later, we saw this male common merganser sitting on a log.

common merganser

In the evening were the North Country Trail Awards. Way too many to list, but this is the Rising Star Award which goes to someone between the ages of 8 and 25 who shows outstanding potential for continuing to work for the NCT. Linus, age 14, is receiving his award from Andrea Ketchmark, Executive Director.

Rising Star Award

We are going on a longer hike tomorrow and have to get up early, so I have to finish this up and go to sleep!

Hike 100 Challenge: 20 miles

North Country Trail from AuSable Institute side trail to McNeal Pond

See Celebration- Thursday
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I like the picture with the ripples in the water.
It looks like it was cold out there. I bet the coffee and hot chocolate was a welcome treat at the end of the hike

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