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Monday, June 28, 2021

A Pirate's Life for Me

  I spent the afternoon having some fun making this video. Disclaimer up front- I have no idea why the sound is bad. I recorded it twice. May be a function of my free video editing software. Not pro quality, but I think it's funny. Hope you do too. And of course, I hope it has a chance to win.

Anyway, I was one of the second tier winners in the month-long Indie Authors sailing-themed book festival I was involved in during June. First tier winners got free books, so obviously I won one (three actually) of those. In some of the books there were winning tickets for the second tier. That gets one even MORE free books. In order to compete for the third tier, one had to make a video performing this poem which is a take-off on a camp song, "Barges." This puts you in the running for well... more free books! Or an indie author game set developed by Diana Plopa, the captain of Pages Promotions. Then... the videos will be voted on by this month's participants, and the top winner will get a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, a gift card for dinner out, and (did you guess?) another book. Definitely worth being a little silly and taking a chance.

Pages Promotions is the name of Diana's effort to promote indie authors. This is the fourth (I think) festival, but only my second one. In February, we did Blind Date with a Book. June was the Summer Reading Regatta. There will be another in October. Can't wait to see what the fun theme will be!

If you are an indie author... the fee to be included and featured is very reasonable. If you are a reader, the events are FREE to attend, and you can win books. The events are divided by genre, so you can attend on nights where you know you will potentially like the books. If you are a writer at any level, there are workshops at extremely reasonable prices (just to cover technical expenses). You should seriously consider getting on board with Pages Promotions. Watch for more as October approaches.

And, there is other news: I did two loads of laundry and wrote a chapter in Dead Mule Swamp Singer. Very productive day.


Ann said...

Loved your video. Best of luck with it.

Secondary Roads said...

Sharkey, the pirate . . .

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Yo ho yo ho!"

Lin said...

That's funny!

Sharkbytes said...

Hey all of you faithful fans- I'm so glad you think it's funny. It was a lot of fun to make

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