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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These Birds are in the Wrong Tree

male American Robin

I wanted to make the title, "Why These Birds are in the Wrong Tree," but I have no idea! The first bird is, of course, an American Robin. It's sitting in a large maple tree. Nothing very unusual there. While I was trying to get a good picture of it, another bird flew in.

male Goldfinch

This one is a male goldfinch, quite a bit smaller than the robin. They are both males, and they actually got into a bit of a discussion about who should be using that half of the tree. Meanwhile, yet another visitor stopped by.

cedar waxwing

This is a Cedar Waxwing. These are elegant, slim, gray birds with a crest, and in between the other two in size. He had the good sense to choose the other side of the tree. Here they are again.

male American robinmale goldfinchcedar waxwing

And why do I think they are in the wrong tree? Because the maple tree has no fruit for the birds to eat, and in my yard is a tree that should be covered with birds at this time of year, and it's that mulberry you've seen before. For some reason, the birds aren't flocking to it this year. Go figure?

red mulberry

See Mulbery Mystery


Icy BC said...

Wow..you're so lucky to see three different birds at one time! Here in Metro Detroit, I see cardinal, blue jay, and robin, but they stop long enough to take pictures of them..

rainfield61 said...

All the lovely birds should have the sense not to land on the mulberry, except me.

Sandy said...

Great bird pictures. I always enjoy seeing the Goldfinches, they're so pretty. Had to laugh though when you said they were in the wrong tree. I have Maples, and a Crabapple, many flock to the Maples? Does seem strange.

The other weird thing is, I have lots of trees, bushes, and flowers...plenty of good places for birds to feed, and nest...where do they decide to nest...on the crank out window...so everytime I need to shut the window because of rain...my take is, the birds aren't too smart. lol


Ratty said...

Those birds are lucky to have that mulberry tree. They should be thankful I'm not there because I wouldn't leave any of those berries for them. I like those birds a lot, but I think I like mulberries even more.

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