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Friday, July 24, 2009

What Happened to the White Aspen?


white aspen in summer

Remember the White Aspen tree, Populus alba, that I showed you this spring? They young leaves were like white velvet, but I said in summer it would look as green as any other tree. Well, I decided to show you that today.

Actually, this is a poor substitute for what I should have showed you, but I left home without my camera to have lunch with a friend. Can you believe that we found a bizarre ornamental tree that neither of us had ever seen before, Michigan lilies in bloom, and a doe and spotted fawn that were just POSED for portraits. But, sigh... no camera, and probably no time before I leave to even go picture the lilies. So what you get is a tree.

Here is the same tree, in June, and yesterday. You can see how much the color has changed.
white aspen, Junewhite aspen, July

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