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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Made It!

Philadelphia skyline

Here's the Philadelphia that we see on the news. Just to prove I made it.
Philadelphia row houses

And, of course, all the row houses. This one is just off the street David lives on.
pigeons roosting

There were three observers as we walked down the street. They were very quiet. I was the only one of us who saw them. Shhhh.
yellow bicycle
Nothing special here- I just liked the yellow bicycle, looking very urban.

We are all going to bed early. We are very tired. Tomorrow I'll have people pictures. I know they are more interesting to most of you than buildings.


Jean said...

Is Ester your sister? I loved the shots of y'all in your previous post.
Looking forward to the Flower Show post.

rainfield61 said...

Have a good day!

betchai said...

have a fun wandering tomorrow in the streets of Philadelphia, Sharkbytes.

RNSANE said...

Philadelphia is one of the main
U. S. cities I've missed. Not sure how that happened. I've been to Pittsburg, though!

Ann said...

Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound. I rather enjoy pictures of buildings, especially older structures. Call me crazy I just find charm in a worn and weathered building. That street in the second picture looks rather narrow.

Lin said...

Are you going to visit Grace??? She lives there!!!

Can't wait to hear about your adventures. :)

Hey, my mom FINALLY brought me your book to read the other day. Now I just need a few minutes to myself to dig in....

vanilla said...

I like the urban scenes, and especially the pigeons and the bicycle. Enjoy the show.

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