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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunset in the Catskills

Catskill Mountains from Route 17/86

It was a long day on the road. Rode with everyone from Philly to Kingston, NY. Then hopped in my car and made it back as far as Cleveland. I just arrived at my motel, almost 1 am. But I wanted to get past the big city before morning. That way, I'll be going out while others are coming in.

Catskill Mountains from Route 17/86

Route 17 (being converted to I-86) catches the southern edge of the Catskill Mountains. I grabbed a sunset for you at 70 mph. Didn't manage to get anything that will win awards, but any sunset in the Catskills is worthy of a quality day.

Home tomorrow!


rainfield61 said...

Have a safe journey.

RNSANE said...

Be safe on that long drive, Joan. It's been years since I've done an long motor trip - my friend and I flew to GA seven years ago to drive my mom's car back cross country for my youngest son. That was a rushed rip, with three brief overnight stops on the return!

Secondary Roads said...

Smooth driving and pleasant days to you friend. Nice pics.

Jean said...

Wishing you a safe trip home. Amazing shot of the Sunset at 70 MPH!

Ann said...

Have a safe trip, love the sunset

vanilla said...

Awaiting your safe arrival home. Enjoying the pix.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- thank you so much. I do like the journey, and hate when it has to be rushed like this time.

Carmen- 3 days from Georgia? That was a rush!

Chuck- Thank you! I did have a smooth drive.

Jean- it gives new meaning to the concept of "point and shoot"

Ann- I missed the better shots, but couldn't do better unless I had been willing to stop.

vanilla- you've been on the road too. Lots of safe miles- I'll take 'em.

teecup said...

I headed to this post right away... expecting to see some cat photos :)

Catskills is quite an interesting name for a mountain. I'm curious how that came to be.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi teecup- In the US East, a "kill" is a brook, from a Dutch word. The Dutch settled a lot of what became the mid-Atlantic states. So you will have many streams and rivers with the suffix "kill," Beaver's Kill, Sawkill, the big river in Philadelphia is the Schuylkill, etc. This small group of eastern mountains in NY took its name from the river that drains their slopes.

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