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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mulberries Not Ready

Look at the mulberry tree! The branches are just loaded with fruit this year, and I want to be sure to collect enough for some syrup or juice or something.

mulberry tree with ripening fruit

You can see that the berries are starting to ripen. The purple-black fruits are the ripe ones. The birds have been screaming at each other and fighting for control of the tree all day. So I thought it might be time to start collecting berries.

mulberry tree with ripening fruit

This picture may be hard to figure out. The best way to collect these fruits is to put old sheets under the tree and then shake it. That's what I did, but hardly any fruits came down, and a lot of the weren't the dark, ripe ones.

sheets with mulberries

This means I'll just have to try another day. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot... that might ripen them right up. This mulberry thing is a really messy project, but it looks like such a good year for the fruit I'm hoping to do it.

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Emma Springfield said...

I love mulberries. We couldn't afford whipped cream when I was a child and I loved mulberries with whipped cream. We would put a can of evaporated milk in the freezer until it was almost. but not quite, frozen. Then we would whip it like regular cream with a little sugar and vanilla. Then we topped the mulberries. Yummy. The big white ones were best.

Karen and Gerard said...

That looks like a fun way to get the berries down though! Much better than picking separately!

moirai said...

Hmm... I'm not familiar with mulberries. I wonder if they are available here in my country..? But I like the idea of shaking trees to get the fruit. Lol! =P

Secondary Roads said...

Your berries look very good. Mine are tiny this year--but tasty. Sylvia brought some home from her father's house. They are large, but the flavor seems to be lacking this year.

Ann said...

I can't say that I've ever had a mulberry. That tree sure looks loaded withe them.

vanilla said...

I like to pop a few into my mouth, but I've never attempted to collect them. The birds insist on planting new mulberry trees, well, everywhere. Regular chore trying to control them.

Ratty said...

Looking at these pictures is like looking at a little bit of heaven. Mulberries are my favorite wild fruit. Any time I've moved to another place I looked for a mulberry tree before I did anything else. I don't have one now, and I miss them.

Sharkbytes said...

Emma- I've only had white ones a couple of times

Karen- they are too small to pick by hand in any quantity since they don't all ripen together

moirai- shaking trees to pick fruit is usually how it's done commercially

Chuck- I checked the flavor, and it was part of my decision to take on this task this year. Of course I haven't succeeded yet

Ann- really? I would think you'd have them where you are

Vanilla- yes, lots of babies here too, but not a problem like the autumn olive

ratty- sorry you don't have any. There are LOTS in Ann Arbor... take a road trip!

betchai said...

oh the berries look very good and yummy, were you able to make some syrup?

RNSANE said...

I'm sure if you don't get those mulberries soon, the birds will strip the tree and do the job for you!! I haven't had those since I was a child back in Georgia. I love those and the little wild plums we would find growing in the woods and, of course, the blackberries!

Ferd said...

Wow! Great fruiting and birding opportunity! :-)

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