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Sunday, February 15, 2015

After the Storm

It was so still and beautiful today, after the winds of yesterday, that I just had to go out. I confess that I only did about a half-hour snowshoe walk, but even so, it was awesome.

The report from the deck is that all the critters are fine. Riley was racing around early, and the birds followed. This little junco is not frozen in place, but seems solidly settled.


The Cemetery Creek is frozen. No surprise there, but the scattered fluffy snow on the surface is interesting.

frozen creek

Finally, just two interesting patterns of light and dark.

shadows on snow

snow on bark

We had pancakes for lunch... a perfect meal on a cold day.

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Ratty said...

I really like the picture of the little junco in the snow. The snowy pictures are great too. All of my snow is already gone again.

Ann said...

I really like that picture of the shadows from the trees mixed with the sunlight. It was pretty cold here yesterday and even colder today. We've started out at -22

Aaron Lazar said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, Joan. I didn't get out this weekend because it was -30 wind chill (below zero daytime temps too). I haven't yet got my cross country skiing, even though now we finally have enough snow this year!

Secondary Roads said...

Beauty surrounds
Creation astounds
No more can I say
I'm transported away.

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