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Friday, February 13, 2015


Saw the movie Wild tonight. Still processing. Not really how I hope people view long hikes, but I know many people see trails as a place to find themselves. Just not my experience.

You should definitely HYOH (Hike Your Own Hike). And yet, I'm tired of the umptieth story of someone heading out totally unprepared and living to tell. It just perpetuates the stupidity.

Not a movie for the kids. Adult content.

See The Party's Over But it's OK
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Duxbury Ramblers said...

I agree with you Joan, too many people go out and are not prepared and don't live to tell.

Gordon said...

I agree. I went to see the movie and it is entertainment, not a serious representation of hiking. I also read the book and was not too fond of that either. I was not sure if she was bragging or complaining about her drugs, sex etc.

Ann Thompson said...

I'm not familiar with the movie, haven't been to a theater in years.

Secondary Roads said...

HYOH should be a common theme. Is it? Seems to me that too many sources are handing out advice. Fortunately, some of it is good. Unfortunately, it is only "some."

RNSANE said...

I may just have to see the movie. I have never been a hiker...wish I had, I might be in better health at 70. You have my utmost admiration, believe me.

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