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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Such a Winter's Day

The day began with one sliver of sunlight which stabbed through a crack below the clouds. That was the end of that!

morning light

Snow was falling hard, and the best scene on the way to work at the paper was this crabapple tree with a mound of snow on every clump of fruit.

crabapple tree

That was sure the end of any color in the day! I had to go out to the boonies to do a case for the other job. That would have been a lot of fun if the visibility had been better. I tried to get to the address from the north, west, east, and south, and not a single road that leads to where I needed to get to is a year-round thoroughfare. In other words, they haven't been plowed all winter. The roads I was trying to find are actually some I've never been on, so now I HAVE to go back in the summer, just to see them.

What I did see was a lot of this. Please notice the farm down the road on the left. Just to clarify things, this is a road that is open and driveable.


I really like this one. Don't rush over it. It's not all white. There is a large man-made object hiding in plain sight.

irrigation sprayer

However, tree silhouettes are wonderful all lacy and slightly fuzzy against the snow.



Have to go out tomorrow morning, and then work at the paper in the afternoon. I'm going to bed early, because the only way that will happen is if I get up even earlier and clear the driveway.

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Ratty said...

Those extra snowy pictures are just beautiful. But I'd hate to be out in that.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Love the photos

vanilla said...

No irrigation going on in that vicinity for a good time to come.

Ann said...

It's much easier for me to notice the beauty in the snow when I'm looking at it in pictures. Around here we've had far too much of it and the temperatures have been killer. -24 again yesterday

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