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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goodbye Philly, for Another Year

We left Philadelphia this morning. I didn't make it as close to home as planned due to bad weather, but I'm on my way.

Philadelphia is a city of contrasts. There are many buildings dating to Colonial days. Skyscrapers and brownstone can be seen in most every view.


We all walked Rachel to work as part of our farewells. She helps develop curriculum at the Franklin Institute Science Museum.


And, of course, nothing says Philadelphia like row houses.


But the city also has dozens of wonderful murals. Here's an example.


One last view of the skyline on the way out of town.


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Ann Thompson said...

I always love to see the older buildings. Love that mural.
Drive careful.

Lin said...

LOVE the colorful mural. Hope you had a great trip and a safe trip home.

Ratty said...

It would be an interesting visit. I've never been that far east.

Secondary Roads said...

Nice pics. I've never been in those parts of Philly--only the suburbs.

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