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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Window Box and Lamp Post

The window box and lamp post entries had the theme of "Walk of Fame: Leading Men." The window box and post are standard, each entrant was to use a planter of choice hanging from the post, but it was to coordinate with the window box, and develop the idea of a particular leading man. There were six entries: Sidney Poitier, Ronald Reagan, Tom Hanks did not take ribbons. The third place was Johnny Depp.

This entry was created by a High School. They wrote "At home with a plundered treasure- lush plants to adorn my home. A wealth for the senses. Tropical foliage and flowers remember the warm jungles and tradewinds of days spent as a pirate of the Caribbean."

Here's what the judges said: "Excellent interpretation of the actor. Clever hanging basket germaine [sic] to the class. Window box too exuberant in relation to more restrained design of hanging basket. But the detail of the rope was appreciated. Orchid clip detracted."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Window Box and Lamp Post: Johnny Depp

Second place went to Robert Redford, created by a garden club. They said "While at the Sundance Film Festival, Robert creates a welcoming mix of winter and early spring beauty in a sheltered alcove. His guests appreciate the dialog between the flowers and his rustic home, which evokes the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

The judges' comments: "Good combination of plants. Well grown and in good condition. Basket outstanding, proportions excellent. Not enough coordination between basket and flower box."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Window Box and Lamp Post: Robert Redford

The blue ribbon went to John Wayne, created by a Horticultural Society. They said "The 'Duke' uses prickly cacti and succulents to remind himself of his glory days rounding up 'banditos' throughout the hot, parched summer desert of the southwest. Reminiscent of his days as a sheriff riding through monument valley, cacti and succulents were as prevalent as the outlaws that he was chasing."

The judges really liked this one: "Flawless! Set the standard. Was able to give flavor of space in a small area. Arrowheads were on point. Container very creative."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Window Box and Lamp Post: John Wayne

Since, of course, with the succulents, I liked this one a lot, here are closer views of the two parts.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Window Box and Lamp Post: John Wayne

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Window Box and Lamp Post: John Wayne

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Ratty said...

I like the one with the succulents. My grandma used to keep them around the house for a while. I liked them a lot.

vanilla said...

The desert Southwest is interesting.

Ann Thompson said...

The blue ribbon winner is my favorite

Lin said...

Tough judging! The winner was my favorite too---very unique.

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