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Saturday, March 28, 2015

So Ordinary, So Welcome

About a week later than usual, I saw my first robin of the year today. He was walking around the yard. Any self-respecting worm isn't going to be anywhere near the frozen surface, but the robins never seem to starve even when they show up in the bitter cold.


I'm not very careful with records of bird sightings, but have often noted the first robin because it's so welcome. I think it will need to warm up a little before he starts doing much singing, though.


One nested on our porch last year. Perhaps we'll have a family again this year.


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Ratty said...

Beautiful pictures of the robin. I've been seeing them all over around here now, but none have come close enough for pictures yet.

Ann said...

ah yes, it's always a pleasure to see the robins show up. I haven't seen one yet.

vanilla said...

How'd you get the birds to pose for you? Nice pictures. Robins bobbin' around here, too. Freezing their little toes.

Lin said...

I noticed the robins this week too. It's nice to see them again. I heard a red winged blackbird the other day---that is my favorite Spring sound.

Secondary Roads said...

We've been seeing them here for a while, but that's no surprise. Since the red-winged blackbirds and turkey buzzards have returned, I know spring can't too far away.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- they sit in my yard and pretty much stare back at me without much concern.

Ann- I'm surprised since you are south of me

Vanilla- see comment to Ratty

Lin- no red-wings here yet. They are usually first, though

Chuck- It's been so cold here, they just aren't moving north

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